UX/UI-DESIGNER & Photographer




Pickit is a startup based in Visby on the incredible beautiful Island Gotland, Sweden.

I started my adventure here in October 2014 as a UX-Designer focused on the Mobile apps.

One of the greater challenges was to design a UX that would work on Windows phone, Android and IOS and still give the user the same experience.

The next big design task was to design a UWP app (Universal Windows Platform apps) that could adapte and work on anything that is running Win10 from example a Phone, tablet, computer, Xbox even on Microsofts Holo lens.

I have designed Pickit´s service for pretty much all kinds of platforms and eco-systems for example Office 365 and G-Suite. Try out the Office Addin

During my years at Pickit the company has grown from 5 to 25 people in a period of 3 years.